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Steve Dresler of Sierra Nevada joins the Session... (more)

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The Jamil Show is the world's first radio program dedicated to brewing classic styles of beer. Each week award winning homebrewer and author Jamil Zainasheff, along with co-host Jon Plise, covers a specific beer style and how to brew it at home. From recipe design to fermentation techniques, The Jamil Show covers everything you need to know to brew classic styles.
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Brewing With Style: Stone/Heretic/Beechwood Collab

Brewing With Style covers the Stone/Heretic/Beechwood collaboration beer

Broadcast date: 07-22-2014 Duration: MP3 available: No
Brewing With Style: Saison

Brewing with Style discusses Saison

Broadcast date: 06-17-2014 Duration: 01:10:25 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Munich Helles

Brewing with Style discusses Munich Helles

Broadcast date: 06-03-2014 Duration: 01:10:12 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Dunkelweizen

Brewing With Style discusses Dunkelweizen

Broadcast date: 05-20-2014 Duration: 01:06:26 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Flanders Red

Brewing With Style discusses Flanders Red

Broadcast date: 05-06-2014 Duration: 01:04:22 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Wood Aged Beer

Brewing With Style discusses Wood Aged Beer

Broadcast date: 04-22-2014 Duration: 01:00:17 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Gordon Strong

The Brewing With Style crew welcomes Gordon Strong to the show to discuss beer styles

Broadcast date: 04-08-2014 Duration: 01:13:29 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Spice, Herb, Veg Beer

The crew discusses Spice, Herb or Vegetable style of beer

Broadcast date: 03-25-2014 Duration: 01:14:22 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Bohemian Pilsner

The crew discusses Bohemian Pilsner

Broadcast date: 03-11-2014 Duration: 01:04:38 MP3 available: Yes
Brewing With Style: Baltic Porter

Brewing With Style discusses Baltic Porter

Broadcast date: 02-25-2014 Duration: 01:03:31 MP3 available: Yes
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