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Home > Shows & Podcasts > The Jamil Show > Can You Brew It: Brown Shugga - The Jamil Show 05-11-09

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Can You Brew It: Brown Shugga

The 3rd show in our Lagunitas series attempts Lagunitas Brown Shugga

Broadcast Date: 2009-05-11 18:00:00

Running time: 01:16:50

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CYBI attempts to clone Lagunitas Brown Shugga
In this third episode of our Lagunitas series, Jamil and Tasty McDole attempt to clone Brown Shugga. This beer is complex in flavor and brewing technique, putting the Brewcasters to the test. Tune in to here lagunitas brewer Jeremy Marshal talk about the origins of the beer and how it is made in the brewery. Then find out of Tasty and Jamil were able to get it right...

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Recipes by GISBREWMASTER Matt C, May 13, 2009
Do you post the final recipe anywhere? I have listened to a few shows and am interested in the recipes and would rather not have to go back and write down the recipe from the podcast.

Thanks and keep up the great shows,
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HTFU people., Lowly rated comment [Show]
IBU for Brown Shugga by Mark, January 04, 2012
Hi there, I'd like to clone this beer, but found that when I entered the hops into my calculator, it came out to only 23 IBUs, and the Lagunita's Brown Shugga has 52. I was wondering if you could take a look at my math and let me know whether (1) I'm calculating this wrong, or (2) your clone recipe indeed has only have the IBUs. Thanks in advance!

I use the formula provided by John Palmer for calculating IBUs:
IBU = AAU x U x 75 / Vrecipe

The Vrecipe variable is the volume of the recipe, which I have as 6 gallons. The other variables need some explanation...

Let's start with the AAU (Alpha Acid Units). This clone recipe has three hop additions that provide bittering, so we'll just use those. I convert all the grams to ounces for this calculation:

44g Willamette 4.1% @ 90min : AAU = 1.55oz x 4.1 = 6.4
10g Nuggets 12.7% @ 45min: AAU = 0.35oz x 12.7 = 4.5
31g Willamette 4.1% @ 45min: AAU = 1.09oz x 4.1 = 4.5

To figure out U (utilization), I referenced a chart that takes into account the gravity of the boiling wort, and the length of time the hops are boiled. I assumed all 6 gallons were boiling at once. So the boiling wort is at 1.099 gravity.

Bittering hops are added at two different intervals, 90 minutes and 45 minutes. Using the 1.099 gravity you get the following U values:
For 90 minutes: 0.144
For 45 minutes: 0.123

Alright, let's plug in the numbers:
Williamette @90: AAU = 6.4 x 0.144 x 75 / 6 = 11.5
Nuggets @45: AAU = 4.5 x 0.123 x 75 / 6 = 6.9
Williamette @45: AAU = 4.5 x 0.123 x 75 /6 = 6.9

Total IBU = 11.5 +6.9 + 6.9 = 25.3
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