Re: my first brew

Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:37 pm

Hey guys 8 days since i pitched. I was just going to check my gravity because fermentation seemed to slow down extremely yesterday.Then i broke my graduated cylinder, on top of that my local brew shop is closed on tuesdays so i can't go buy a plastic one.Tomorrow i will get one and check my gravity.
Now i made a few mistakes i both mashed to high and i guess fermented to high.I had (isoamyl acetate) banana smell at day 5 that subsided and is now extremely faint.
but do to these two things i'm sure my alcohol content is much lower than i had intended.
If this is the case i'm assuming i can add sugars and more yeast/bugs in secondary.
Should i consider this or just chalk it up as a learning experience and start the same recipe over without the mistakes.
i have a pack of Fast Souring Lacto GB110[url][url] i bought this for my next brew a gose but after reading this on their page "Pitch GB110 after primary fermentation for an aged sour. Souring by this method typically requires several months. Adding simple sugars or fruit etc. will enhance souring in the secondary."
i think it might be usefull for me now, depending on what my gravity is.
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Re: my first brew

Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:01 pm

Do not worry about your gravity right now whatsoever. Your beer will continue to attenuate over the course of the prolonged secondary fermentation with the brett and lacto in the Roselare blend.

Follow the instructions I laid out for you in terms of letting the beer sit for 1 mos prior to racking to a secondary. Then let the beer sit at room temps for at least 12 more months, no gravity readings necessary until you are ready to finally package at least 1 year from now.

Be patient, and brew up another batch that you can enjoy in the meanwhile. Welcome to the world of sour beer brewing.
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Re: my first brew

Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:25 pm

you got it boss i just got worried because i know my mash was up to 175 for an extended amount of time. Trust me i now know how bad this is. My only hope is that i added another 1.5 gallons of sparge water that was only at 140.
i am in the middle of starting my second beer i am going to brew a gose for the summer.
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