Re: What did my Cantillon dreg get me?

Fri May 15, 2015 10:01 am

So it definitely looks like yeast of some kind, and they're finally losing their color a bit. I upped the starter once more into the 32oz jar and the yeast cake on the bottom is slowly growing. I brewed the farmhouse beer and added a quarter of the jar in with the WLP644. Sadly, while doing this some mold must have gotten into the jar and I found a few small spores growing in it 2 days later. I scooped them out immediately and have been keeping an eye on the jar ever since. I'm thinking I might grow this up once more, add a lacto culture, and try my first straight lambic.

As for the flavor, the closest thing I can compare it to are my early sour mashes before I had a technique down. It's kind of a warm tart flavor with some earthy, almost rotting-like smell. Not off-putting or unpleasant at all though.

I'll probably do a smaller batch of this, just in case it doesn't work in my favor!

Oh, and the mixed culture beer will most likely be at NHC, either club night or I'll be running around with a growler of it somewhere I'm sure.
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