Re: BS Remover from Five Star

Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:47 am

Brewshki wrote:any thoughts on how to heat it up without a HERMS set-up. without a keg washer that uses way less volume, the only way I could think of doing it would be using my kettle and burner and I am curious if it is worth it at that point.

Depends on the volume. A gallon or 3 would be pretty easy on the stovetop. Wouldn't take that long. Plus the cost of the electricity to do so would be less than a penny. Even a gas stove would be pennies on the dollar compared to making another batch.

I never built a keg washer. I just used it warm out of the system into a keg, made a bunch of black-black & grey-grey jumpers, & daisy chained a bunch of kegs. Less of a waste of CO2 when you're pushing PBW, rinse water & sanitizer all at the same time. Not that that's cheaper or easier than a keg washer, it's just what I had at the time.

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