Re: Single Tier Sans-Kettles, Burners, Pumps

Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:30 am

Afterlab wrote:I was in the same boat earlier this year where I had all the kettles, pumps, burners, etc... and just needed the stand. I seriously thought about saving up for a fancy stand but soon realized the shipping cost was a lot, lead times were variable, and I had to purchase all new kettles and other stuff I didn't need. I thought about it more and realized I would rather spend all that money on malts, hops and yeast so I can actually brew a lot of beer instead of being broke after buying a fancy brewstand.. Long story short, I decided to get a stainless steel commercial work table with wheels. I bought mine off amazon for $150 with free shipping and can't imagine brewing without it. If you want I can try to find a pic of my setup. ... d_sim_hg_6

This was a fantastic suggestion. I have my HLT and MLT on the table and my kettle on a tall floor standing burner.

Thanks. :jnj
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