Latest Addition to My Flat Rack System

Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:27 pm

Hi everybody. I'm a newbie to the forum. Thought I'd share my latest project with the members. I'm using a Turck BCT5-S18-UN6X2-H1151 Capacitive level sensor on my mash tun's level tube. I machined a UHMW block that can be slid along the tube to achieve a fully covered grain bed depending on the grain bill. The sensor runs on 24v dc and powers a solid state relay for my gas fired RIMS system's #1 March 815 pump. This is the latest addition to my flat rack system and it works great! It's nice to not have to jockey flows from two pumps during fly sparging. Now I just set my desired water level over the grain bed, put the #1 pump in Auto and set my desired #2 pump flow to the boil kettle.


This is the false bottom I built for the mash tun. Went round and round with the perforated (round holes) stainless bottoms. Too many stuck sparges. Thick oatmeal porridge is nothing for this RIMS tun.

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