Forum user Petedadink came up with a way to beat the California Summer heat in his garage by using a small pond pump and a carboy-sized cooler.

Controlling fermentation temps is key to a clean beer. If you have a fridge keeping your kegs at serving temperature and there is room for one more you can put that cooling power to work for you.

Peter was using frozen water bottles in an ice bath to keep his carboy temperatures lower, but freezing water bottles can be a pain especially if you find yourself fighting for freezer space. 

Cooling LinesHe bent 1/4" aluminum tubing to fit the water surrounding his carboy and ran hose line to-and-from it to his serving fridge.  In the fridge among his beer kegs, one corny simply holds several gallons of water
and a small 250 GPH pond pump.

That pump recirculates the 40F water from its keg through the aluminum coils to chill the water far more evenly, and ultimately more effectively, than frozen bottles did.

One could easily add a digital thermostat with a thermowell in the cooler's water to this system and turn the pump on and off only as needed to maintain fermentation temperatures.

To go completely nuts with cooling power, pump anti-freeze (glycol) from a freezer through the coils instead of refrigerated water.


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