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Submission guidlines:

Submitting articles to the BN Army blog is easy. The goal is to create an entirely BN Army generated collection of reports, articles, news and events that we Brewcasters could not possibly cover alone. It’s a big world of beer out there and we’ve discovered that there isn’t much of it left that doesn't have members of the BN Army in it. Just keep a few things in mind:

  • Think of yourself as a reporter, giving us a detailed look at the world of beer
  • Articles should be about beer events, festivals, news, beer travels or detailed brew sessions (not your worst brew day stories), etc
  • At least one picture MUST be included. Remember, a picture says a thousand words, but keep file sizes below 1MB per picture.
  • Submissions should be no more than 800 words
  • Each submission will go through an approval process before being posted to keep great beer content flowing. Please don’t submit if you will be offended when an article does not meet the criteria and is not posted
  • This is not the place to voice criticism of peer or commercial beer, or any other form of consumer dissatisfaction. It exists for the sole purpose of giving the wonderful world of beer a voice through you

So there you go…bring it strong brewing brothers and sisters. Be creative, have fun and share your beer with us!

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