Welcome to the new BN Army Blog, which in essence, is your blog…

As part of our new Brewing Network, or for us geeks, The BN 2.0, we are creating more listener generated areas so that you can share your homebrewing and craft beer experiences with others in an easy and informative way. This blog is one of those endeavors. Here’s how it works:

As you travel through your world of beer, you may find yourself wanting to share your experience with others. Maybe it’s your favorite local beer festival, or an amazing beer vacation you’ve just taken. Or maybe you’ve just made the best beer on earth and want to share its tale with the world. The BN Army Blog is your chance to do just that. Here you can submit articles about your experience, report on beer news that you’ve scooped, and share your beer stories with the rest of us. Our team of Brewcasters and BN Army Officers will evaluate each article and post the ones that fit the blog best. It’s not our intention to censor your creativity, but as people occasionally drink before they think, we’ll have to make sure that quality posts are being presented as much as possible for the enjoyment of the community at large here. So don’t be offended if your article doesn’t make it. Maybe we’ll send it back and ask you to edit it. Or maybe we’ve gotten a rush of articles. Or…let’s face it…maybe you suck as a writer…it happens. But we’ll try our best to post as much as we can if you try your best to post the best that you can.

The goal is to create an entirely BN Army generated collection of reports, articles, news and events that us Brewcasters could not possibly cover alone. It’s a big world of beer out there and we’ve discovered that there isn’t much of it left that doesn’t have members of the BN Army. So share your local or travel experiences with the rest of us and make that world of beer just a little bit smaller.

Simply sign up as a member (it’s free) and use the interface here to write and submit your articles. You can also place pictures within the articles so that we can get as close as possible to being there…while actually being here and lazy as usual. And we promise to post articles here too about our travels and beer happenings.

So there you go…it’s all yours. Be creative, have fun and share your beer with us!

Justin Crossley is the co-founder of The Brewing Network and is commonly refered to as the "no-talent-hack" of The BN. He enjoys beer and long walks on the beach with beer...and beer.