A story that we have been following behind the scenes here at The BN for our Utah brewing brothers and sisters is finally shaping up to have a very happy ending for Utah Homebrewers. Here is a note sent to us by Gary Glass of the American Homebrewers Association, and posted in Friday's AHA TechTalk forum, about the recent passage of homebrew bill HB 51:


Today the Utah House passed the homebrew bill HB 51.  The vote was even stronger than their last vote, with 66 in favor and just 2 nays.
On Tuesday of this week, the House refused an amended version of the bill that was passed by the Senate, due to the overly Draconian restrictions on how homebrew could be used outside the home.  That sent it to a Conference Committee with 3 members each from the House and Senate, where a new less restrictive amendment (still not ideal, but much better than what had been proposed by the Senate) was drafted.
On Wednesday, the Senate passed the bill with the new amendment 23-3.
With both houses of the Utah legislature passing the bill by more than a
2/3 majority, the Governor will almost certainly sign the bill into law.
If he does, the law will then become effective as of May 12, 2009.
Congrats to all of the Utah homebrewers who have worked so hard over the past two years to make this happen!  Your persistent calls and emails to legislators, and attendance at committee hearings are what made this all possible.  It has truly been an honor for me to be involved in this process with you!


Nice work Gary and the Utah Homebrewers!!

Brewcaster J is the founder of The Brewing Network and host of The Sunday Session.