The BN crew is back from The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. We congratulate the medal winners - including friends of the show 21st Amendment, Triple Rock, and Firestone Walker -  and share stories from another epic year.

Doc convinces Justin to get to the feedback in the first segment, and to everyone's surprise, he actually does.

We get Stephen Plowman from Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant and Luke Nicholas from Epic Beer on the line from New Zealand. We learn about their respective brewing histories, and their path from home-brewing to the opening of their brewpubs. We also go over some of the many awards their beer has won.

We taste Epic's Pale Ale. Luke goes in depth about its brewing process.

Luke and Stephen go on to tell us about New Zealand's brewing scene. They tell us about some of their innovative practices, including Stephen's Pinot Noir barrel aging program and their sour beer experimentation, one of which has been dubbed "Liquid Bleu Cheese."

They further elaborate on the source of their ingredients as well as their hop preferences. They offer details about their staple beers as well as their seasonal brews.

The crew conducts the first ever BN Hip-Hop Grenade Rap Off. We hear spirited entries from JP, Justin, Doc, Tasty, Moscow, and Beevo. Terrence The Black gets on the line to act as a qualified judge. JP tops the competition with his rousing rendition of Bitch Please, BN style.

We take calls for DOTW. Matt from Oklahoma wins this week, and Ben from Kansas takes it down for our off-week next week.

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Beevo looks like she has a surprise in her pants:


 Doc Rapping:


Jipper breaking it down:


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Moscow is the new producer of the Sunday Session.  He likes to perform stunts while drinking that end in broken knees.