The Session: 08-22-10 - Brian Berman and Pete Johnson on Cigars and Beer


Justin is still fighting a lung infection, just in time for the cigars & beer pairing show. He hasn't seen a doctor in years, and he's not about to start now.

We introduce Cigar Rights of America's Brian Berman, and talk parallels between fine cigars and craft beer.

Sully from the 21st Amendment calls to check in.

We get Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars on the line from Miami. We talk about the origins of his company, and Pete's introduction to the cigar world. He tells us how his cigars are made, where his tobaccos come from, and how involved he is in the production process. We go over how nicely his Red Label cigars paired with Fiddler's Elbow English Pale.

Rights and freedoms are discussed, and Brian tells us how CRA works to defend them. We further explore pairings, first by going over the celebration beers and cigars chosen by Cigar Snob magazine, then going into the pairings enjoyed by the Brewcasters before the start of the show. We then take an extended break to experience our final pairing. 

Brian tells us how to properly store and age cigars. We answer cigar related listener questions. 

We wrap up our discussion on pairings. We go over our tasting notes, the similarities and differences of our experiences, and our impressions as relative cigar newbies.

Trish from Danville wins DOTW.


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Smokin Beevo 

Smokin Beevo

Creepy Jipper

Creepy Jip 

Nate, smoking

Nathan Smith smoking 

Brian Berman inspecting J's humidor:

Brian Berman inspecting the humidor 

J drinking and smoking, like a maauuun...

J drinkin and smoking 

Beevo gettin up in J's business

What are you looking at Beevis? 

Moscow producing, or something


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