The Session: 08-15-10 - Nicole Erny and Ray Daniels on Cicerone and tasting beer


Justin starts off by discussing his new gold tooth, courtesy of Doc. He has concluded that he is slowly turning into a chick, because he can't get enough Jersey Shore. He also likes the new Eminem song that features Rhianna. 

Shat does his announcements.

We get Ray Daniels on the line from Chicago. We discuss the Cicerone program: the syllabus, what it takes to get certified, and the goals of the program. Ray goes over what an exam day is like. Nicole tells us how she studied for her exam.

We talk beer tasting with Nicole. It turns out she got an 87 on her Cicerone exam, so we pay close attention to what she has to say. She talks about the palette's evolution as one gets older, and how it becomes more accustomed to fermented products as time passes.

We go over palette calibration, how to know your weaknesses and strengths, and how to be on the same page as the people around you. Nicole talks about sensory perception, and how a beer's taste can trigger personal memories, and how one should pay close attention to what a beer's taste stirs up in your mind.

We taste two listener homebrews. Then we play Can the 'Casters Guess the Brew? JP takes it down. Justin announces that Raymond Girard is the winner of the More Beer Donation giveaway, and Steve from Lake Forest, CA. wins DOTW. 

The Meltdown Ensues.


Post-Show Video: 

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Nicole and the BN 
JP is fun
Nicole in BN Studio D
Tasty and Nicole in Studio D