Good Noon! Justin opens up this mid-day Session with a couple stories from his recent camping trip. He would like the annoying woman from the campground in Joshua Tree to kiss his ass. Also, Four Loko is in the news again - we celebrate by covering the stories, and playing yet another batch of songs from YouTube.

We get to the feedback (which included plenty of props to the New Zealand breweries from last week's Session), as well as Shat's announcements.

Rick Sobotka from the brand new Great South Bay Brewery gets on the line with us from Long Island, New York. He immediately delves into the New York craft beer scene, and he surprises us by telling us of the rapid expansion of craft breweries and beer bars on Long Island in the last two years.

We pour from unlabeled bottles and taste GSB's flagship brew: their Massive IPA. Rick describes its brewing process in detail.

Rick tells us about his path from medicine (he is a practicing Anesthesiologist) to opening a brewery. He covers his start-up costs, the effect his venture has had on his medical practice, and the plans for the brewery's soon to open 30-barrel facility.

Rick's father was a New York homebrewer legend. He was well known for his porter, and by the time Rick was a teenager, he was following in his dad's footsteps. Rick's grandfather and great grandfather were also brewers/distillers, and he tells us all about his family's Polish roots.

We go over GSB's current lineup, as well as their upcoming brews. Rick plans to release a porter based on his dad's old recipe, as well as a develop a barrel aging program, and a special "electric" beer they will brew on Halloween night.

Despite some technical issues with the phones, we take some calls, and make a couple of special announcements. After hearing of the recent unfortunate circumstances that have befallen him, we designate Matt from San Diego as DOTW.

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