Justin opens this episode of The Session happy to be on the other side of the Thanksgiving break, and not exactly looking forward to Christmas. We read several letters from Feedback, which includes a mistaken interpretation of the hop grenade on our homepage, and a convoluted brewing question for Tasty and Nate.

Author Joshua Bernstein joins the crew in-studio. He describes the indispensable role that craft beer played in the drowning of his sorrows after a road tip gone awry, and how it sparked a passion that landed him in New York where he pursued his career as a beer journalist writing for publications such as Imbibe Magazine and the New York Press. A decade of research (read: traveling, drinking, and writing) led him to publish his first book, Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World's Craft Brewing Revolution. We discuss the format of the book, as well as its loads of content and appealing physical design.

We taste a funky sour beer born of Australian wild yeast courtesy of Whoateallthepies, while we experiment with a new BN game featuring JP's infamous interviewing techniques. Several headlines of the latest Beer News are covered, interspersed with DOTW hopefuls. In a landslide, Mike the Jaw wins this week, and lord knows, the man can use all the good news he can get.