This episode of The Session opens on a sad note, as the crew worries about Chad's abandonment of Tasty in favor of his gig at Handles Gastropub. Luckily for Tasty, his new entourage is comprised exclusively of women, so it's no skin off his back. Justin introduces a new listener-sponsored segment initiative, and as usual, the BN Army wastes no time in bringing it strong.

We welcome to the studio Ron Manabe, the veteran brewmaster and senior vice president of the Tied House Brewery & Cafe. Ron tells us about the investors who made it possible for him and his partners to open the brewery back in 1988, a time long before there was a booming craft beer movement. With their outstanding beer and innovative marketing approach, the Tied House has grown into what is now a Bay Area staple brand and destination. We hear first-hand about their newest venture, a contract brewery with its own label called Hermitage Brewing Company, as none other than Chad himself has partnered with Ron to make Hermitage the production facility for Handles. We take several listener questions and play a rousing round of Stump the Brewer before bidding Ron farewell.

The Trophy Fire infiltrates the studio. We hear from the brothers Schuman and lead singer Ben Flanagan about the making of their most recent album Modern Hearts, while they share tales from the road and anecdotes about the band's early days. They accent the segment with acoustic performances of several cuts from the album.