Another Sunday Session, another lighthearted I-nearly-crippled-myself story from Justin's travels. This time, he went on a camping trip to the woods with the Woods and at a certain point found himself lying amongst the smoldering embers of the campfire. Perhaps looking like Jesus helped, as he and his clothing somehow escaped unscathed.

Yuseff Cherney, brewmaster at Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego, California, gets on the line from all the way from Varnsdorf, Czech Republic, to tell us about his invitation from Kocour Brewery to come brew the first ever double IPA in the Czech Republic. He tells us the details about the hops he used, and the surprised reactions of the brewers who were not familiar with such a hoppy style. He was impressed with the generous hospitality the Czech people showed him.

All is quiet on Shat's announcement front, but luckily the feedback is chock-full of interesting notes and questions.

Brewmaster Shawn Kelso from Barley Brown's Brewpub in Baker City, Oregon joins us from the brewery. He starts off by telling us about his small setup (they produce only 300 barrels per year), and how he feels fortunate that the setup allows him the freedom to brew experimental and one-off beers.

He goes on to tells us about his history as a brewer, and how, starting with a high school friendship with owner Tyler Brown, he began his involvement with the brewery. We learn that in their first year entering beers at GABF in 2006, they took home the gold in the coveted American Pale Ale category. Justin asks Shawn what motivates him to enter his beer into competitions, even when most brewpubs the size of Barley Brown's does not.

We get into Shawn's history with Cascadian Dark Ales. He first attempted this style as early as 2004, and his experimentation eventually evolved into Turmoil Ale. Take note, as this beer topped the 52 other entries to win the gold in the first-year category of Black IPA at this year's GABF, and Shawn is kind enough to detail for us exactly how he makes it. We also discuss our views on whether or not there should be a separate category for Black IPAs at competitions.

After we cover lots more nice, juicy, specific information, Shawn says goodbye and heads off to brew his next batch of potentially award-winning beer. We are then regaled with the story of JP's birthday trip to his beloved Disneyland, where even HE actually feels (a shred of) happiness.

A listener asks about Shat's transition from home-brewer to pro-brewer. He tells us about the beginning stages of setting up at the brewery, and how much work has gone into research and planning. Justin is itching to brew again; Shat suggests they work on a collaboration beer.

We take a DOTW call and experience more problems with the phones (thanks, Comcast!) We fire up Skype and talk to a few more callers going for this week's medal. In the end, we give it to "New Moon" from Washington.