Justin opens another Monday Session with a recap of the previous day's festivities at Downtown Joe's, where Push Eject was branded with the hop grenade in his first ever tattooing. We sample and discuss Terrence the Black's first ever batch of homebrew, an attempt at a tough Triple Rock recipe. Luckily, he had JP's expertise and assistance, and they managed to make a very drinkable stout.

We get into this week's feedback, in which Tasty and Chad answer some brewing questions and we meet via YouTube JP's cat loving soul-mate. We then hear from Craftbeer.com's Julia Herz, followed by an update from new mama Beevo. We commence our recap of the 2011 beer festival season, discussing perennial favorites like the Southern California Homebrewers Festival and the Great American Beer Festival and breaking down the many things those great events have gotten right. Without being too specific, we also describe some not-so-great festival experiences, and what to look for when you're planning your next beer outing.

After a Press Play interview with University of Wisconsin-Madison genetics professor Chris Todd Hittinger about the possible origin of lager yeast, we come back for a final segment to play a game of Stump the Stoner. FierceBeard demonstrates a great grasp of pothead memory capacity and is ultimately victorious, while fellow contestant Pythoner takes this week's medal for DOTW.