Justin has one foot out the door as this episode of The Session gets underway. Just a couple days away from his epic road-trip, he's about to fire up his trusty Westy and bring back some great audio and video from the road. We put out the call for donations to PartnershipForAfrica.org - as usual, the BN Army brings it strong, thus enabling some Kenyan orphans to buy themselves a cow (or two). We close out the segment by covering the Feedback, which includes some complex brewing questions expertly answered by Doc and Tasty.

PhotobucketOn the line from his brewery in Colorado Springs, Trinity Brewing Company's Jason Yester joins the show. He starts off by discussing his microbiology background, before jumping right in to the 2008 founding of his brewpub. He describes his busy production schedule - a schedule that sees him continuing to contract brew in order to keep up with strong demand. We hear all about the logistics behind keeping a small production brewery profitable while still keeping experimentation and innovation as a top priority.

PhotobucketLucky for us, six of those innovative (and wax-sealed) brews sit in the studio, begging to be tasted. Per Jason's instructions, we start by cracking TPS Report, an American wild ale. That is followed by a knock-your-socks-off imperial saison called Pappy Legba, which we simply cannot believe is a 13% beer. The tastings spur a discussion about Jason's use of unusual ingredients in his recipes, and his techniques for keeping such layered beers from tasting muddled. Next up is a collaborative saison called Double Rainbow, followed by a very limited sour brown ale called Brain of the Turtle. We round out a memorable round of tasting with The Old Growth and The Flavor, two more of Jason's incredible sours.Photobucket

2011 Ninkasi winner Paul Sangster joins the show from his home in Carlsbad, California. He shares his NHC experience, which culminated with being awarded the most prestigious homebrewing award there is. We learn that victory came as a shock to Paul despite being the odds-on favorite, and how his attention to detail combined with his regular brewing schedule have shaped his formidable skills.

We roll DOTW calls from every corner of the States, and after summoning the courage to out himself and his roommate on the air, RibbityRob from Seattle wins this week's medal.






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