A skeleton Session crew kicks off this Monday night broadcast by covering the filming of the B.Y.O.B. TV finale at AT&T Park's Public House, as well as our monumental Homebrew Club of the Year win at the 2011 National Homebrewers Conference. Justin describes the eerie silence in the banquet hall when the winner was announced, but despite the naysayers and all the great homebrew clubs that were also vying for the award, the Brewing Network overwhelmed the competition with fantastic beer and took it down. Nice work BN Army!   

Brothers Chris and John Trogner from Tröegs Brewing Company join the show live from their tasting room in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They chronicle the beginning stages of opening the brewery, and it's a familiar story: high start-up costs, struggling financially, and doing all of the heavy lifting themselves during the tough first few years.

We discuss their current lineup, which consists of five seasonal and five year round brands. The brothers tell us about their Scratch-Beer series, for which they use a 15-barrel system to brew one experimental beer per month. They also talk about their extensive brewing educations (including classes with Dr. Charles Bamforth at U.C. Davis as well as abroad), and how those experiences helped shape their brewing techniques. In response to the many requests that come in via letters and phone calls, Chris and John share some precious details about the recipe designs for Mad Elf (a Belgian Dark Strong) and Nugget Nectar (an Imperial Amber). After briefing us on what the future has in store for Tröegs, the brothers bid us farewell.

We read the Feedback, which includes many responses to last week's segment that featured many fine representatives from the Alabama State Legislature. There are also a couple of brewing questions and some listener experiences from NHC. We roll through several drunken phone calls, and in the end, Spiderwrangler is voted this week's DOTW.