True to form, my Euro trip began with a little mishap... I missed my flight. I know, it sounds ridiculous that someone with a major trip like this planned now for so many months could miss a flight, but let's face it, this is me we're talking about. Luckily, because it was not entirely my fault I was able to get the same flight to Munich one day later. No harm no foul in my opinion. The lines at Untied were extraoridnarily long on this particular Monday September 22nd and I'm really good at laying blame on others, just ask Shat. So after being up all night the night before trying to finish BN business and barely packing what I need for two weeks abroad in about five minutes, it worked out wonderfully that I had an extra day to finish work and catch up on rest. The Truth is, I would have missed a day in Munich anyway sleeping off the stress of normal life. I'll tell you more about the travel adventure on the show.

For now, we can fast forward to my arrival in Munchen on schedule at 8am, albeit a day late. I'm met at the airport by my good friend Natty (you know him from the chat days of old) and we catch the train to Munchen to drop my bags, grab a shower and a beer (Augusteiner, one of the best Helles' on earth) and meet more friends for lunch before heading to Oktoberfest in the afternoon. Here is where the first of my surreal trip experiences begin.

Flo and Natty in MunichNatty, Flo (german dude from early show), Chris White and I all meet at an Augusteiner Brau restaurant (basically a Hoffbrauhause but with good beer) for lunch and beer. About a 20 minutes goes by when a large group of Americans at the table behind us see's Natty's BN shirt and asks if he is a listener. He says yes and points me out. The guys proceed to tell me and Chris White that they are big fans of the show and listen all the time and are here for the same reason we are, Oktoberfest.

Now put yourself in my shoes for one moment if you will. Here I am thousands of miles from home in a foriegn country at an extremely un-touristy German place and we are recognized and thanked for the show we do. If I may use the term...un-fucking-believable! I am truly floored and suddenly very proud of my creation. End surreal moment number one.

Chris and Flo in Augusteiner TentAbout an hour later we luckily find ourselves a spot at a table in the Augusteiner Brau Oktoberfest tent (thanks to a couple lovely German ladies winking and pointing it out to us...ok one was not so lovely, but we were pretty lubricated by that point anyway). The rest of the evening is spent toasting, chugging litres of Oktoberfest beer, and singing from atop our table. It's everything I had hoped it would be, and with the company of Chris White and my German contingent as well...even more.

So day one ends with a drunken rollercoaster ride (the entire fest, Weisn if you are from Munich, is also a fair), and an extremely happy Brewcaster. Why would I ever leave this place?

Augusteiner Barrels

Augusteiner Tent

Oktoberfest Outside

My German Contingent

BNer's are everywhere, even Germany!

Day two to come, and it includes a special tour I have to share with you of the Paulaner Brewery in Munich. Stay tuned.

Brewwcaster J is Justin from the BN and he is a douche. But he is a douche in Europe for this post, so there.