Last Thursday, October 15th, Michael "Mufasa" Ferguson invited The Brewing Network to join him for the grand opening of the new BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Concord, CA. There are many beautiful things about this new location and not the least of which is that it is within walking distance of the BN studios! So I'm pretty sure we just found a new favorite brewery.  Here is Mufasa talking about the new location and what folks can expect at BJ's:

Mufasa in front of the new BJ's
As Mufasa states, he really is all about the beer. BJ's is by far the best beer selection in the Diablo Valley area with 40 beers on tap and another 29 in the bottle, including an impressive Belgian beer selection. I'm always impressed when I see brewery locations include beers from other breweries and BJ's does this with gusto.
During our visit I tried three BJ's beers and one guest tap. I began with the light and easy Brewhouse Blonde paired with our appetizers of flat bread pizza and avocado egg rolls. The beer was perfectly carbonated, smooth and crisp, and went down great with the light fare.
We followed that with BJ's Piranha Pale Ale which was a great example of an American Pale Ale that is neither too far west coast or to far east. Its aroma is both hoppy and malty and the flavor is bold and balanced. This will be my go-to beer for every meal. In this case it came paired with my BJ's Favorite Pizza, topped with meatballs, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, black olives, seasoned tomatoes and onions. I recommend this pairing to any person who....likes things that are awesome!!!
We ended the meal with Tatonka Stout (Mufasa's favorite) paired with Triple Chocolate Pizookie. The pairing defies description. Just go eat it!!!  Really...right now. Come back and finish this later.
We ended the night with conversation about the craft beer world and where it's going over pints of Monks Cafe Flemish Sour Ale from BJ's guest tap selection. A perfect end to a great evening (well...not counting the karaoke with Mufasa later that night, but that's another story). 
The BN and MoreBeer with Mufasa
Bottom line to this review: Get to any new BJ's location you can. They have improved the floor plan and bar area immensely, added more taps than ever, and continue to produce great beer and great food consistently. 
BJ's Tap Selection
BJ's Beers
Mufasa and BJ's Giant Screen
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