Yesterday I was lucky enough to make my second appearance at the annual Glen Hay Falconer Foundation's Sasquatch BrewAm. It's a wonderful gathering of celebrity brewers and industry folks along with beer lovers like me, to get in a great round of par three golf while raising money for the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation brewing scholarship program, which sends brewers from the Pacific Northwest to the Siebel Institute to further their knowledge and the craft.

While I did not golf (for the second year, what is wrong with me?) I did get to wander around the course and speak with many of the brewers as well as the organizers, like The Beer Goddess Lisa Morrison. I brought a camera crew this year too so there will be a more comprehensive video of the days events posting soon, but for now I just wanted to put together some of the fun clips I shot with my little camera wile walking around.



I also have a heap of pics taken throughout the day that I'll try to get posted here tomorrow.



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